16 Mobile App Trends for 2022/2023 and Beyond: Top Forecasts According to Experts

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This should help you position your business the best way you could.

The COVID-19 pandemic has added much fuel to the world’s increasing reliance on smartphones, driving the growth of mobile applications at a frenetic rate.

Mobile app development in 2021 is going to be much bigger and faster. This will be thanks to new technologies like 5G and edge computing, but it will also be because of changing attitudes toward apps in general. Indeed, we are diving deep into a time when our society becomes more anchored on mobile devices and, by extension, mobile applications.

In this article, we look at what apps we can expect in 2021 and beyond. How are apps going to use 5G? Will apps be more ubiquitous not only in phones but in wearables as well? Are there top mobile marketing software to look out for? We will be answering these and more to help you understand where the industry is headed in the next few years.



As has been observed during the pandemic, your mobile app consumption is likely to grow more rapidly in the next few years. In 2021 alone, around 196 billion mobile apps would be downloaded on the Google Play Store, with 42 billion more on the Apple App Store.

Not only that, but all the mobile apps in contention are also estimated to generate $693 billion in revenue globally in the same period. All that work and time at home has left people turning to the internet to get through the day, most of which is via mobile. About that, it’s confirmed that 89.2% of mobile internet time is spent on mobile apps.



All of these is due to the swift and widespread adoption of smartphones. Statista, for example, estimates a 1,572.22 and 1,589.2 million unit shipment of mobile phones in 2020 and 2021, respectively. For 2020, the leading vendors were Samsung (22.7%), Huawei (14.6%), Xiaomi (13.1%), and Apple (10.5%).

Knowing which way the wind is blowing means distinguishing the drivers of mobile app future trends—technology and social needs like the one arising out of the pandemic. As such, we’ve compiled 16 predictions that will make waves in 2021/2022, or at least create the foundations for a mobile world into the next decade. This should help you position your business the best way you could


The Next Great Leap in Mobile App Development

“Do you guys not have phones?” is a question that, while meant to be humorous, should be the mantra of every mobile app developer moving forward. Desktops will become more and more irrelevant to consumers, especially in retail, and a mobile-centric ecosystem will dominate the landscape. New technologies like 5G, edge, and wearables will lead the charge. Developers should mind these newfangled tools in their iterative process.

As new tools become available or more mature, our app trends report expects that app development is going to be faster and more streamlined than ever.

This is true whether you are looking at app trends iOS or Android app trends.

An increasing reliance on AI and ML, as evidenced by our machine learning statistics, will make development exponentially faster than the preceding generation. New vistas of development techniques and disciplines will also open up in the wake of personal smart hubs and mobile commerce.

To that end, this article—while certainly not a roadmap—may serve as one of the first of many writings on the wall. A world on the go needs apps that can keep up. And keeping up with development means a streamlined, agile team. Our guide on project management tools may just be the thing you need to shorten and optimize your mobile app development time.


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