10 crazy design fails (funny version ;)

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As we all know, a visual design’s purpose,

regardless if it’s logos designs, outdoor signage, ads design or website designs, their job is to give off the same energy you would want people to receive when you describe the company or the organisation they represent.


1. This is definitely one of the worst design fails in UX design. We’ve all been guilty of complicating things unnecessarily. Still, it’s hard to believe that anyone could think this was the best way to add phone numbers.





2. Here’s a simple yet effective one. One of the cardinal rules of good UX design is to use familiar design elements and layouts. A “page up” button in place of a 9 is bound to make any user frustrated.





3. Remember when we answered the question: what is fail-safe design? Here’s an example of what it’s NOT. Imagine dealing with an elevator failing every time someone misses this sign!





4. Recognisable design symbols are part of good UX, but context is just as important. Although a frowning emoji would usually be a good match for the “no” option, in this case, it will make you feel like a sociopath.





5. This triggers some severe PTSD, watching my parents try to insert a USB stick the wrong way — 8 times consecutively.





6. Oh, look, a cute minion shampoo that’s strawberry-scented! Except that after you use it, a red liquid starts to ooze out of the character’s eyes, and your cute Minion becomes a maniac on a killing spree.





7. Surely there were many ways to make a very cool Kleenex box for Spiderman fans. Oh well, instead, we’ve got a pretty entertaining graphic design fail.





 8. Yeah, sure, “rapists” and “therapists” are the same thing….. Think and design again…. With a better font. Or at least a little bit more attention. This image reminds me a lot of a different “therapies” design fail.





9. It looked ok in Photoshop, right? This happens when the car wraps are designed without making real simulations.





10. Pink on pink is really undercutting your message. Someone should learn about contrast in graphic design.






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